Notions of Home : in progress

Notions of Home is a project that is made to express and show that home is not just a place we grew up in, but the things that carry us, hold us, makes us feel safe and whole. Whether it is someone or something physical, Home isn’t always tangible and with this project my goal is to portray that through photography. Being away from my home has allowed me to learn more about myself, the people around me and most importantly, the significance of our sacred home. Although I am still on a mission to rediscover my new home in a different place, it is beautiful, and I tend to miss it every day. These portraits are captured to speak for the figurative and vulnerable attachments we have to home. This collaboration is honest, pure and real. Here are our empathetic homes and the courage we have to share them.

Jeremy | Comfort






James | Balance







Saleam | Culture, traditions & memories of her grandmother






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