Color, motion, and nature- nothing is more familiar than this. Something we’re not all so familiar with is the sudden loss of someone. We’re not taught how to respond, react, and continue with our routines. The combination of organic motion, seasonal colors, and my honest words inspired me to grieve creatively. In doing so, I combined and mixed instant film with other photographic elements that figuratively illustrate my exploration of grief and bring my words to life. The use of these photographic elements and words speaks to the blend of emotions of loving someone dear and them not knowing as their soul departs their body.
*This is an ongoing project.*
Explosions in my heart

The news that you’ve fallen through the snow,
Where the luminosity of your existence now extends to the moon
And my words for you stay with me.

Explosions in my heart.
The words “i love you” began to dissipate 
As your physical being is no longer present.
Your lucid visits relieve me,
As my truest love is exposed and is now forever yours.

Explosions in my heart.
If you’d stay until tomorrow
I wouldn't keep time on you.
But maybe in another life,
I would love to dance with you.
Nothing feels better
Nothing feels better
Pink noise
Pink noise
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